Gift Ideas

Think of all the occasions in your life — the times when you want to bestow blessings, hopes and dreams on those you care about.

Seeds from the Holy Land embody those blessings through historic, deeply traditional meanings. Choose a seed, or multiple seeds, to convey just the right wish or sentiment.

Just the right gift for that special occasion.

Maybe you want to say a special “Thank You” to that person who went the extra mile? Or you need a unique housewarming gift to help them make their house a “home?” Birthday gifts can become so routine … unless you apply some creativity. Sometimes that special person just needs to know they’re in your thoughts.

Our seeds symbolize many qualities — qualities and meanings that have historical, cultural and spiritual influences. Whether you want to wish someone great health, future wealth, a peaceful life, or an abundance of joy — or any other wish you may have for them — there are seeds that can help you convey those sentiments.

  • Mother’s Day gifts
  • New Baby
  • Gifts for guests (ie: baby shower, wedding, parties…)
  • Congratulations
  • With Sympathy
  • Happy Easter
  • Happy Holidays

No matter the reason or occasion, you can use our ideas or use your own creativity to create a unique gift that speaks volumes.

Need ideas? Feel free to always contact us! We’re here to help.