Getting Seeds Growing

While most people do buy our seeds for the symbolic references, some our customers choose to try to create a piece of the Holy Land in a pot on their window sill or in a corner of their back yard.


Germinating your seeds is the unsung hero of any successful garden, but it can also be one of the most confusing parts. Just a quick search for “how to germinate seeds” yields over 3 million hits…. no wonder people get confused by the process!

Here are our top 5 tips for giving your seeds the best chance at a successful start.

  • Start with the directions provided by the grower. This is often an overlooked, but vital tip. Growers provide the steps they have found to be successful when they tested their growing methods and should be beneficial . At least review their directions to understand what the grower finds helpful.
  • Choose wisely. Some seeds are more challenging than others to grow.  Pick ones that are more conducive to your skill set, location, and growing environment.
  • Understand Mother Nature. Rarely do all seeds in the packet sprout.
  • Try experimenting. Yes, this might sound a little contradictory to the first tip… but sometimes experimentation might be needed. Remember, there are a lot of variables that can affect successful germination. Sometimes a seed just takes a little longer to sprout than the “usual” 6-8 weeks to get going. That’s why there are so many different germination methods found on the web: sometimes you need different methods.
  • Be patient. Sometimes germinating seeds is like using the post office. Most of the time, it gets there in the stated time… but in extreme situations (ie: unusually hot weather; Christmas time, etc) things might not work as projected.


If you’re trying to grow our seeds and still have questions? Just send us an email.

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