About Us

The Holy Land has a special place in every believer’s heart. But for me and my family, the Holy Land is home.

I was born and raised in the Holy Land in a small village in the Jezreel valley near Nazareth called Beit Shearim. The village was established in 1936, by a small group of ideologically motivated young adults who loved the land, believed that tending the land would reconnect them to their religious roots, and the desire to build their future in the Promised Land. Two of those early pioneers who put their hearts into the growing small village were a newly wed couple: my grandparents. They started their own small farm, living in a small shed with their newborn son. Their labors, along side the other founders of the community helped the village to flourish and become well known for it great agricultural achievements.

As the years passed, my parents got married and moved to the family home in Beit Shearim, becoming the second generation to tend the Promised Land and created their own family who joined the growing community of Beit Shearim. My parents joined the family farm and established the Shor Nursery, that became a well known nursery in Israel as well as in Europe.

Now that I live here in the US, I find myself trying to share with my kids some of my childhood’s experiences and memories. As third generation farmers, I believe that the best way to create a strong and meaningful connection to your land and faith, is through planting, and establish your roots in your own land. Although, physically being far from my home, I’m trying to connect my kids to our roots and faith by bringing them a piece, a taste, of their heritage.

Holy Land Seeds imports hand cultivated seeds referenced in the Bible directly from the Holy Land. The seeds are imported from our family nursery (the Shor Nursery) and being inspected and approved by the USDA. We offer different packaging options, some includes our unique collection of handmade replicas of an ancient clay pots, also imported from the holy land.  

Holy Land seeds brings tradition, meaning and uniqueness together to create a gift for yourself or a loved one that will always be remembered.

When you purchase our seeds you are also supporting values we all share: small business development, family farms that generations later still tend the same lands, environmental consideration and multicultural understanding.

I believe your delivery is more than just a little bag of seeds. You hold in your hands a piece of tradition — with all the tastes, smells, and experiences that make the Chosen Land — my homeland– a special place for all.

Doron Shor-Malca, founder and owner of Holy Land Seeds.